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Palma de Mallorca - Mallorca 2021

Palma de Mallorca

Every year Mallorca is a populair place for tourists all around Europe. Mallorca is part of the Belearen islands in Spain. From a lot off partying youngsters to happy families are going on vacation to Mallorca. For families, the capital of the island is probably the nicest place to visit. The capital of Mallorca is called the city: Palma the Mallorca. There is a lot to do for families. For example you can go shopping the entire day, relax on a terrace with a nice ice cold beer or you can admire the culture and architecture of the city Palma the Mallorca. In the history the island has been part of a lot of kingdoms. Even before chirst the island was part of the Romen Empire. You can still find a lot of historical stuff about the entire history. The most famous architecture is the cathedral ‘La Seu’.


Cathedral ‘La Seu’Palma de Mallorca

At the year 1229 the king Jacobus 1 was traveling to Mallorca. He was king of the Aragon state of Spain and he wanted to recapture the Island. The problem during his travel was that he got into a horrible stom. The storm was so bad that he vowed to the Virgin Mary that if his fleed would survive the storm and got safe to the island, he would build a church in her honor. He got safely to the island en kept his promis. He immediately started to build the church. He began building in the year 1230, but it was a really long project. The cathedral was finished in the year 1601. It almost took 400 years to build this cathedral. In the year 1851 parts of the cathedral were struck down by a earthquake. Later the broken parts were completely rebuild. The cathedral is about 121 meter long and 55 meter wide. The bell tower is still unfinished today en is even 55 meters high. The surrounding pictures give a good look off how the cathedral looks like today from the outside and the inside.


Cathedral Palma Cathedral Mallorca

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